Tuition & Cost

Seeds of Learning serves children age 30 months through 5 years. Seeds has enhanced the  quality quotient by adopting the nationally acclaimed Creative Curriculum and Teaching Strategies Gold assessment tool. Teachers design learning plans for each individual student. In addition, teachers create weekly lesson plans that incorporate the strength, needs and interest of each individual child.

Through our cooperation with The San Juan Board of Certified Educational Services (BOCES), we provide services for children at-risk in a wide range of need: hearing, sight, speech, developmental delays, etc.

(30 months to 4 years)

The Seeds of Learning Preschool program provides high-quality care and education for children ages 30 months to 4. We have a ratio of six students to one teacher.Through play, interactions, and meaningful experiences children learn the skill they need to be successful. In the preschool, children continue to work on art, music, math, language/ literacy and social/emotional skills and are introduced to science/technology, social studies and cooking.


(4 years to 5 years)

The Seeds of Learning Pre-Kindergarten program provides high-quality care and education for children eligible for Kindergarten the following school year. We have a ratio of six students to one teacher. The Pre-Kindergarten program has been designed to promote the development of skill needed for Kindergarten. This intentional kindergarten readiness program uses developmentally appropriate practices to creating a caring community of learners.


Colorado Preschool Program (CPP)

Colorado General Assembly lawmakers recognize that young children who are in need of language development are at risk of school failure unless they can receive support offered by early childhood care and educational services. They also recognize that parents and community play an important role in every child’s life and must be included as part of the program. The CPP program is based on the Quality Standards for Early Childhood Education set by the Colorado Department of Education. The Quality Standards are based on the development of language skills, cognition, gross and fine motor skills and social skills. Both the student’s progress and the programs are evaluated by the CPP Council. The intent of the CPP program is to provide children and their families with the highest quality services available. Seeds of Learning has a contract with the CPP program and currently enrolls 22 students.


The Incredible Years

The Incredible Years, an award-winning parent training, teacher training, and child social skills curriculum (Dinosaur School), has been selected by the U.S. Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention as an “exemplary” best practice program.

Through Dinosaur School, children experience growth and learning in their social-emotional, physical, language and cognitive development. The curriculum instills conflict management and problem-solving skills in children ages 3 to 5. The use of puppets Dina, Wally and Molly contribute to the success of Dinosaur School.


The Parent Training aspect is designed for parents with children up to age eight. It is focused on strengthening parent competencies and encouraging parent/child relationships. The program increases parent communication, limit-setting, problem-solving and anger management skills. Seeds of Learning offers the parenting class once or twice a year, providing a book and materials for the class, dinner for the entire family and childcare while the parent attends the class. All of this is free of charge to parents and is funded through grants.


Seeds of Learning has been implementing both pieces of the Incredible Years program since 2002.


Lunches and Snacks

The cost of caring for one child for one day is approximately $54.00.  Our lowest daily fee is $32.00 per day, which includes breakfast, a hot lunch, and an afternoon snack.

See sliding scale below.  In making a determination of your daily tuition rate please note:

  • That a household includes everyone who lives with you, adults and children alike.
  • If you fall between the adjusted gross income numbers in the per person column, move up to determine your daily tuition rate.

If you are in need of tuition assistance, please let us know. You may be able to work with the Department of Human Services to fill your need.

Hours of Operation
and Holidays

We are open year-round 
7:30 am to 5:30 pm


  • New Years Day
  • One week for Spring Break
  • Memorial Day
  • July 4th – Independence Day
  • Second week of August
  • Labor Day
  • One week for Thanksgiving
  • Two weeks at Christmas
  • Eight staff training days to ensure high quality is retained in the center